Welcome to my website and to my very first blog (big breath followed my nervous laughter). 

Wow...it’s been an exciting few months for me. I worked my butt off last year writing Lace & More and finished 2014 off with a bang by landing a publishing contract with Siren-Bookstrand. Hence I wanted to share with you my trials and tribulations...and of course, successes of achieving my dreams of becoming a published writer.

First of all, it wasn’t just one year of hard work. I’ve been writing since a very young age and have always been an avid reader, especially romance novels. In my senior year of high school, I did a co-op placement at the local newspaper in our small town. While I was always hooked on the written word in fictional format, I became hooked on journalism. I also loved to travel, so BINGO went my sixteen year old brain. I would be the next world famous investigate reporter who globe trotted around the world.

Oh yeah, this would be awesome! Or maybe it was radical that I said back then. I digress... 

Needless to say, after college and several reality checks later, I my dream was become a bit blurry. I got married, had my first son and found myself working for a large corporation that paid more. Hey, don’t judge, I had a family to worry about and priorities changing. But when my second son was born, almost fifteen years ago, I was feeling wistful. I dusted off some old short stories and poems. Like I didn’t have enough on my plate, taking care of a baby and a toddler, I began to carve out precious time to take a creative writing class. 

The bug was back and this time, I was sure I was going to be successful. I kept on it even after my maternity leave was over and juggled two kids, working a management job fifty to sixty hours a week and writing part-time. But eventually, after a couple rejections and on the verge of becoming a zombie, I knew something had to give. I never actively stopped writing, it just kind of fizzled out when I let my negativity creep in.

But the dream never went away. I just had to one, find the time and two, persevere. Time flew by. I woke up one day and asked myself what was stopping me. My boys were suddenly teenagers and didn’t quite need me as much anymore...much to my sadness. I had quit the corporate world a couple years earlier and my husband and I ran our own small business which gave me some freedom. I had no excuses anymore.

It was time to get down to business.

My first love had always been romance and since the explosion of erotic romance as a genre, I couldn’t read enough of it. I had some stories floating around my head and it was time to put them down to paper...or computer so to speak. Lace & More was born. I had the first draft written in a very short time and darn, was I proud. I had just finished my first novel.

I printed and began the tedious revision process. By the end of chapter one, there was so much red on the page, I couldn’t even see my original story anymore. After more weeks of editing, I started to feel the old negativity creep up. I wasn’t good enough. My writing sucked. Who would ever publish this and if someone did, who would read it? I left the project alone for a month and immersed myself in my other creative pursuit, reviving old furniture. I’ll save that for a future blog.

It was exactly what I needed. I came back to my novel with fresh eyes and eventually completed all my revisions. Off it went to Siren-Bookstrand and the rest you know.

Lace & More is my first published erotic romance novel. First of many I hope. I have already completed the first draft to my second novel and taking a small break before I begin my edits. Remember, a fresh eye makes a world of difference. 

Well, that’s a quick version of my path to publication. I have so much to learn in this craft and industry. I’m still such a newbie at this and hoping you enjoyed my first blog post and learning about me a little bit more. If you did, subscribe to my newsletter and follow along with my journey.

Talk soon - Tanya



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